Thanksgiving Turkey Preparation and Cooking Video

Here is Dallas Plummer in Dallas Texas with fitness instructor and wellness coach Michael Johnson preparing their organic Thanksgiving turkey dinner by cooking the turkey.  Organic in this instance simply means that the turkey has no hormones or chemicals in its processing and from its hatching to it’s cultivation, it was not feed any chemically processed feed or supplements.

Having said this, we begin by par boiling the 17 pound turkey in a brine of sea salt, olive oil, pepper, tumeric and onions.  Once the turkey is loosed up, especially at the joints, we take the turkey out of the pot and put it breast down in the baking pan for baking in the oven.  This is done so that the dark meat of the turkey and all of its juices, trickle into the bottom of the baking pan, where the breast of the turkey, normally the driest meat, can absorb these juices.

Stay tuned for the next video as we prepare the collard greens with smoked turkey, the baked ziti, the macaroni and cheese, beef stroganoff and green beans.  Visit fitness guru and wellness coach Michael Johnson’s fitness blog and Dallas Plummer’s New York centric blog for more pictures and videos.

EMI Filter and Electronic Components

What is an EMI Filter?

An EMI filter, or electromagnetic interference filter, is an electronic passive device which is used in order to suppress conducted interference that is present on a signal or power line. EMI filter uses:

  • Suppress interference that is generated by the device or by other equipment in order make a device more immune to EMI signals present in the environment.
  • Suppress differential and common mode interference.

line filter or EMI filter, is the kind of electronic filter that is placed between an electronic equipment and a line external to it, to attenuate conducted radio frequencies — RFI, also known as electromagnetic interference (EMI) — between the line and the equipment.


emi filter photos
EMI Filter

Types of EMI Filters

There are different types of EMI filters such as RFI EMI filter, DC EMI filter, AC EMI filter, 3 phase EMI filter, Ethernet EMI filter, EMI air filter, EMI line filter, EMI suppression filter, EMI power filter or EMI noise filters.

Choosing the Right EMI Filter:

When you are looking for the right EMI filters, contact the The All Power Source company.  You will be able to find any EMI filter at this company.

Here is a simple video of EMI filters, as made by the AllPower Source Company, (which I am affiliated with).  These show EMC/EMI filters, RFI  or line filters as manufactured by the AllPower Company.

Electromagnetic interference (EMI), also called radio-frequency interference (RFI) when in the radio frequency spectrum, is a disturbance generated by an external source that affects an electrical circuit by electromagnetic induction, electrostatic coupling, or conduction.[1] The disturbance may degrade the performance of the circuit or even stop it from functioning. In the case of a data path, these effects can range from an increase in error rate to a total loss of the data.[2] Both man-made and natural sources generate changing electrical currents and voltages that can cause EMI: automobile ignition systems, cell phones, thunder storms, the Sun, and the Northern Lights. EMI frequently affects AM radios. It can also affect cell phones, FM radios, and televisions.  (Source: Wikipedia)


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Photos and Videos of Dallas Plummer

Photos and Videos

This is the  home page of With this part of, I will always post standalone photos or videos of something that I recently liked or that I recently took a photo or video of. This will not be a daily or weekly update. It will be when I’m feeling it.

The photos and videos that this page and overall website will feature will be of current events, sports, fitness, food and healthy eating.



Intrepid Museum Photos
Intrepid Museum Photos

Here is Dallas Plummer at the Intrepid Museum where helped with the docking of the aircraft carrier by holding onto and pulling the ship into its berth. Notice the gloves on his hand.  #aircraftcarrier  #intrepidmuseum  #dallasplummer  #hudsonriver  #nycphotography  #nyctourism  #nyctravel