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Glen Allen VA Personal Trainer Josh Bailey Organic Thanksgiving Meal Prep Video

Here is the organic Thanksgiving meal prep video of Glen Allen Virginia and Richmond Virginia personal trainer Josh Bailey showing us how to prepare a healthy and organic Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey was wild caught and free range and weighed close to 30 pounds and it was lovingly prepared with a spice and fluid injector over the course of 5 hours by Josh Bailey.

He then added in vegetables including potatoes, collard greens, tomatoes and sweet potatoes/yams to round out this healthy superfood and antioxidant laden meal. Turkeys, being the top natural source for the amino acid trytophan, induces sleep after its ingestion. After this meal was prepared both Josh Bailey, his family and the author of this writing enjoyed a good nap and nights sleep.

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personal trainer and organic meal prep photoHere is Glen Allen Virginia personal trainer Josh Bailey standing in front of a meal he is about to prepare.  He is also known as the #musclechef!