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Mapping NYC Subway System – Rockaway Peninsula NYC Subway Stations with No Accessibility

The mapping of the New York City Subway system continues. Here are the panoramic views of the 10 subway stations/stops/entrances on the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens New York, where there are only TWO (2) accessible stations. That means that since the Rockaway Peninsula is a Level 1 evacuation zone, every must evacuate in the event of a major storm. If someone lives alone, has no family, friends or caregivers, they may be stranded in a life threatening situation. This scenario is obscene and the MTA can do better. Here then are the panoramic views with each station labelled via Google Maps.



The Panoramic Views above are of the Mott Ave – Far Rockaway station which is accessible and is the last stop on the A train.

Here are Panoramic Views of the Beach 25 Street – Wavecrest Station. Please note: This station is NOT accessible.

The Panoramic views above are of the Beach 36 St – Edgemere Station. This station is NOT accessible.

Here are panoramic views of the Beach 44 St Station Frank Avenue. This station is NOT accessible.

Here are Panoramic Views of the Beach 60 St Station – Straiton Avenue. This station is NOT accessible.

Here are Panoramic Views of the Beach 67 St Station – Arverne By The Sea. This station is NOT accessible.

Here are Panoramic Views of the Beach 90 Street/Holland station. This station is NOT accessible.

Here is the Beach 98 Street – Playland station. This station is NOT accessible.

Here is the Beach 105 Street – Seaside station. This station is NOT accessible.

Here is the Rockaway Park Station – Beach 116 Street station. This station is NOT accessible. There you have the most comprehensive mapping of the Rockaway Peninsula subway stations and entrances. I did not do panoramic views of the platforms since that is useless and the Google Maps views shows that pointer at ground level, so it distorts that information. I dont look at this as work but more like a cardio workout on an early Saturday morning in the spring in New York City. It was fun, the scenery is gorgeous and of course I took pictures and panoramic views of Rockaway Beach, Fort Tilden and Jacob Riis Gate National Park with the horses and all. Stay very tuned for our next series of meetups in the NYC area with a NYC transit accessiblity awareness and correction theme.

Glen Allen VA Personal Trainer Josh Bailey Organic Thanksgiving Meal Prep Video

Here is the organic Thanksgiving meal prep video of Glen Allen Virginia and Richmond Virginia personal trainer Josh Bailey showing us how to prepare a healthy and organic Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey was wild caught and free range and weighed close to 30 pounds and it was lovingly prepared with a spice and fluid injector over the course of 5 hours by Josh Bailey.

He then added in vegetables including potatoes, collard greens, tomatoes and sweet potatoes/yams to round out this healthy superfood and antioxidant laden meal. Turkeys, being the top natural source for the amino acid trytophan, induces sleep after its ingestion. After this meal was prepared both Josh Bailey, his family and the author of this writing enjoyed a good nap and nights sleep.

Please visit, which is the personal training website of Josh Bailey and, which is the organic meal prep website of Joshua Bailey. You will find videos and information on weight loss, fat loss, health, wellness, meal prep, organic cooking, vegan meal prep, weight training, fitness program and all things health and wellness.

personal trainer and organic meal prep photoHere is Glen Allen Virginia personal trainer Josh Bailey standing in front of a meal he is about to prepare.  He is also known as the #musclechef!

Glen Allen Virginia Personal Trainer Joshua Bailey Speed Training Exercise

Watch Glen Allen Virginia personal trainer Joshua Bailey as he performs various speed training exercises such as the 40 yard dash and wind sprints. As a personal trainer in Glen Allen VA, Josh Bailey will help you with fat loss, weight loss, weight training and abdominal toning. You can visit his website at for information on how to maintain a healthy physique or you may visit his organic meal preparation website at

Glen Allen personal trainer pic
Glen Allen Personal Trainer Josh Bailey

When searching for personal training in Glen Allen Virginia, be sure that your trainer will help you to reach your fitness goals including losing weight, gaining lean muscle mass, helping with your diet and nutrition and your overall health and wellness.

Photos and Videos of Dallas Plummer

Photos and Videos

This is the  home page of With this part of, I will always post standalone photos or videos of something that I recently liked or that I recently took a photo or video of. This will not be a daily or weekly update. It will be when I’m feeling it.

The photos and videos that this page and overall website will feature will be of current events, sports, fitness, food and healthy eating.



Intrepid Museum Photos
Intrepid Museum Photos

Here is Dallas Plummer at the Intrepid Museum where helped with the docking of the aircraft carrier by holding onto and pulling the ship into its berth. Notice the gloves on his hand.  #aircraftcarrier  #intrepidmuseum  #dallasplummer  #hudsonriver  #nycphotography  #nyctourism  #nyctravel